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Smiling Older WomenBreast Thermography – a “do no harm” approach to breast screening and early detection. With breast cancer rates on the rise and younger and younger women being diagnosed, women are anxious to find answers regarding prevention and earliest possible detection.

Most women expect to begin annual breast screenings at age 40 however, they have not been as accepting of the annual mammogram. There is often fear and concern about the mammogram experience which quite often can lead to the postponement or avoidance of their annual breast screening.

Mammograms VS Thermography

While mammography has been the gold standard since the 1950’s, it is welcomed news to most women to learn that there is also another breast screening option available to them. The camera used by DITI imaging is the only FDA registered thermal imaging medical camera on the market specifically designed for medical screening.

It is a non-invasive screening method that is completely pain-free and radiation free. Thermography is a quick and easy procedure utilizing an infrared imaging camera to detect abnormal skin temperatures, which can be an indication of tissue inflammation.

Thermography can often indicate potential problem areas in the breast tissue years earlier than a mammogram alone. Where mammography is a test of anatomy looking for actual masses, thermography is a test of physiology and looks for functional changes in the breast tissue which may indicate problem areas before a mass begins to form.

Ready to Get Started

With the most current statistic being 1 in 8 women enduring a breast cancer diagnosis, early detection is critical. It is extremely important that ALL women perform not only their monthly self-examination but also see their healthcare professional for a physical exam and have an annual breast screening.

To learn more about the difference between Thermography vs. Mammography, follow this link.

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