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What Are Highland Chiropractic Products? Meet Pure Haven and Metagenics

What Are Highland Chiropractic Products? Meet Pure Haven and Metagenics 

At Highland Wellness Center in Highland Heights, chiropractic products complement our core treatments and wellness plans. We offer a full line of Metagenics supplements and Pure Haven products to boost your wellness.


What Are Highland’s Chiropractic Products?

At Highland Wellness Center, chiropractic care is essential to your health and well-being. Chiropractic care addresses many health concerns, but it’s best as part of a comprehensive approach to healthcare.


Highland’s chiropractic products are designed to help you maintain your health through nutritional supplements and all-natural personal care items.


We recommend Metagenics and Pure Haven products because they are tested, all-natural, safe, and effective solutions for our chiropractic patients.


Why Metagenics Supplements?

Metagenics has been committed to providing safe and reliable nutritional solutions for more than three decades. They take quality assurance seriously through continuous testing, reliable dosing, and unparalleled ingredient sourcing.


Testing and Quality Assurance are Top Priorities for Metagenics

Metagenics holds over 65 scientific patents, has over 70 dedicated quality assurance employees, and spends more than $1.5 million yearly on quality testing.


Thorough testing and guaranteed quality control are just two reasons why Metagenics is the preferred manufacturer of Highland chiropractic products.


Extensive Selection of Highland Chiropractic Products

Metagenics offers a complete line of health supplements, including Highland chiropractic products that support muscle, bone, and joint health.


Because the spine’s health can affect multiple organs and systems, we recommend supplements that enhance cardio and neurological health as well as immune-boosting products to strengthen the body’s defenses.


Metagenics also offers supplements to boost athletic condition and aid in metabolic detoxification.


Highland chiropractic products’ supplier Metagenics provides solutions for women’s and men’s unique health concerns and supplements for children that build strong bones, support brain function, and promote gut health.


Your Highland Wellness Center provider will recommend the best supplements for your unique health concerns, or you can easily browse products yourself on the Metagenics website.


Why Pure Haven Products?

Founded in 2009, Pure Haven has been a leading manufacturer of toxin-free, organic products. Almost all Pure Haven products are manufactured in the company’s USDA Certified Organic facility in Rhode Island and are monitored at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure quality.


Pure Haven offers a wide range of products, from all-natural cleaning supplies to personal, pet, and baby care.

When “Green” Isn’t Green

For many “green” product manufacturers, organic and all-natural labels are selling points that aren’t necessarily the whole truth. Even these “green” products may contain toxins and preservatives at odds with these “safe” labels.


At Pure Haven, pure means pure. All products are formulated with sustainable and natural ingredients and preserved through Pure Protect. This first-of-its-kind toxin-free system maintains shelf life without impacting the purity and safety of our products.


Planet-Friendly Packaging Makes Green Even Greener

Many so-called “green” products are packaged in non-eco-friendly plastics. Pure Haven goes beyond standard packaging by offering recyclable PET plastic containers and glass bottles.


We take our commitment seriously, from PET packaging to using only Forest Stewardship Council Certified paper for boxes, catalogs, and other printed materials.

Pure Ingredients, Pure Packaging, Pure Products: Pure Haven

Pure Haven products are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients that are effective, toxin-free, and safe for the whole family, including your furry family members.


That’s why at Highland Wellness Center in Highland Heights, chiropractic products from Pure Haven are the only ones we recommend.

Pure Haven Special Deals for Highland Chiropractic Products

Pure Haven is the home of the 60-day empty bottle guarantee. This guarantee ensures you have time to finish a full product bottle before deciding if it’s right for you. If you’re unsatisfied with your product at any point up to 60 days, you receive a full refund of the purchase price.


Take advantage of Pure Product’s free shipping, 20% off offer, personal consultant, free welcome gift, and money-back guarantee.


Get Started on Your Path to Wellness with Highland’s Chiropractic Products

Our online portal makes ordering your supplements, personal care, and other Highland Chiropractic products easy. Get started by creating your account today and discover a world of health delivered to your doorstep.


If you have any questions about our products and recommendations, contact us and we’ll be happy to help guide you in the right direction.

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