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What is Highland's Root-Cause Wellness Approach?

What is Highland’s Root-Cause Wellness Approach?

When a warning sign flashes on your car’s dashboard, you don’t cover the lights with duct tape and hope for the best. You check fluids, connections, and the engine to see why the light is on. Unless you know cars, chances are you will stop to see a professional and find out why the light is on.


Healthcare is no different. Conventional medicine is duct tape over a warning signal, temporarily hiding the problem but never addressing its cause. At Highland, root-cause wellness means we check the engine thoroughly, find the reason for the warning, and then fix it.


In and around Highland Heights, Ohio, more and more people are finding better health at the Highland Wellness Center through Highland’s root-cause wellness approach.


How Does Highland’s Root-Cause Wellness Approach Benefit You?

Conventional medicine seeks to artificially control the body’s response to imbalances by prescribing medications that address or mask symptoms. Because this approach does little to address the reason for the condition, patients typically remain on drugs for life.
Functional medicine doctors understand that symptoms are the body’s alarm, warning of a deeper problem. Any symptom you experience—fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, GI issues, pain, inflammation, skin disorders, and sleep disruptions like insomnia—doesn’t need to be “corrected” through medication. They need deeper exploration to reveal the factors that cause them in the first place.


Unlike conventional medicine, Highland’s root-cause wellness approach addresses the condition and its underlying reason.


Here are just a few reasons why Highland’s root-cause wellness approach is more beneficial than conventional medicine.

1. Primary Care Medicine

At Highland, root-cause wellness is safe and effective for the whole family. Our skilled providers address medical concerns of all age groups, from young children to the older generation.



Highland root-cause wellness provides care for kids to improve focus, restore emotional well-being, strengthen the immune system, and address common childhood complaints like ear infections, colds and flu, and allergies.


Because functional medicine is a powerful holistic approach that blends technology and diagnostics with natural healing, we create wellness plans for your child to thrive and achieve their goals athletically, academically, and personally.



More and more adults are finding themselves overly stressed and in poor health, physically and mentally. Highland root-cause wellness programs are designed to restore a healthy balance so you can continue to care for your family, perform well at work, and even have extra energy stores for yourself and what you love.


Older Adults

Older adults face unique challenges and changes to their body systems. Without intervention, these changes can have adverse effects on the lives of our loved ones. Highland root-cause wellness plans are uniquely customized for each senior to help them maintain clarity, focus, and a healthy lifestyle.


2. All Your Medical Needs In One Office

At Highland, root cause wellness plans take a team, from your functional medicine provider to your nutritionist. Functional medicine eliminates the need for specialists because all conditions, no matter what or how long you’ve had them, are addressed by reversing their underlying causes.


3. Perfect Balance of Conventional Medicine and Natural Medicine

Functional medicine doctors use a combination of diagnostics, such as lab work and applied kinesiology, along with the least invasive treatments possible to ensure that you receive modern care with safe and practical support.


Your Highland root cause wellness plan will uncover why you feel unwell and, whenever possible, use a natural approach to restore your body’s balance in innate ability to heal itself. Prescription medication is never our first choice, but we have licensed physicians who can prescribe drugs if necessary for your recovery.


4. Highland Root-Cause Wellness Plans Are Not One-Size-Fits-All Medicine

Not everyone who has a condition has the same underlying reason causing it. In Highland’s root-cause wellness approach, we carefully consider your situation and the factors driving your condition.


These factors differ widely between individuals—including medications, lifestyle choices, environment, diet deficiencies, and genetics.


5. Highland Root-Cause Wellness Programs Deliver Long-Term Results

While conventional medicine offers relief, it usually only lasts while taking your prescribed medications. Your symptoms return as soon as you stop taking the drugs, sometimes worse than before you started taking them.


Because root-cause medicine addresses your condition at the source, your long-term results may eliminate your reliance on prescription medications.


6. Functional Medicine Doctors are Partners, Guides, and Coaches

Our providers actively listen to your medical concerns and healthcare goals during your Highland root-cause wellness appointment. Plans are designed with your success in mind, and our functional medicine providers inform and guide you to take the steps you need to be an active partner in your own healthcare journey.


7. Highland’s Root-Cause Wellness Can Work Alongside Conventional Medicine

Highland’s root-cause wellness programs involve any combination of all-natural supplements, vitamins, and lifestyle adjustments. These do not interfere with any current conventional treatments you receive and will not interact with your medications.


If you currently see a traditional physician for your medical condition, the Highland Wellness Center’s root-cause wellness approach can be used alongside conventional medical treatment.


Get Started with Root-Cause Wellness in Highland Heights

If you’re ready to say hello to better health and break free from a hopeless cycle of prescription medications and ever-present symptoms, you’re in the right place. Root-cause wellness unlocks your body’s ability to heal itself from the inside out—and for good.
Get connected with The Highland Wellness Center in Highland Heights and see how we can help you make energy, vitality, and vibrant living your reality.

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